What we do

No matter how much experience you have, whether counted in years or in number of deals, you always start a transaction as a novice.  Simply because every target is different, every client is different, every deal is different.  Without humility, experience is worthless.

Olivia Kahn – Partner

We advise and lead our clients through transactions in which they acquire another company or in which they are acquired by another company.  Our firm acts both buyer-side and seller-side, which means that we represent shareholders selling their company as much as we represent persons and companies that want to buy businesses.


A client will seek our leadership to identify a target to acquire, or find a buyer to sell to, to value the deal, to initiate buyer-seller discussions, to set up vendor due diligence or run the buyer due diligence, to negotiate and draft the contracts, and ultimately to guide the deal to signing and then through closing.

The Kahn Partners team is particularly well versed in cross-border mergers & acquisitions that involve significant government issues and foreign investment controls.


Most of our clients are either foreign businesses acquiring U.S. companies or U.S. businesses selling all or part of their operations to foreign investors, in each case in regulated areas, particularly defense, space, energy, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and national security technologies.


A smaller but growing subpart of our mergers and acquisitions projects consist in European transactions led by U.S. clients or U.S.-controlled businesses, particularly in the luxury industry.


Typical deals we lead involve target valuations between $50 million and $300 million.


Assessing a value to an enterprise is not sufficient to generate a transaction, and valuation methods are important tools to help find a balance, but they are neither an end nor a dogma for us at Kahn Partners.

Ouriel Marciano – M&A Associate.

A financial analysis is like a permanent cross training: you jump from comparables to financial statements, to trends and valuation methodologies. But the most important is getting the right picture of what actually happens within the target. No mistakes are allowed. Always triple-check the actual facts. Once the deal is signed, it’s too late. And even more so when it closes.

Douaa Lafrid – M&A Associate.